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couple workout cysm

Working out should be part of every couple, a couple that get fit together have better relationship and stronger bonds. But how exactly couple's training work? well we will give you the top 5 reasons you should train together.

1) Team work

Working out together helps you understand that if your boyfriend/girldfriend do better, you will do better too. This is something that helps you understand that health and happiness should be a priority of you both.

2) Health

Well it's pretty easy: If you are in good shape (mentally and physically) you will be able to do everything better. What I mean is if you both are healthy you will be in better mood, be positive and have confidence.

3) Intimacy

Physical activity is something intense that release endorphins, it will duplicate its effectiveness doing it couple. If you keep working out in couple, you will be doing cardio everyday, if you know what I mean ;)

5) constructive feedback

"No one wants to hear the truth if it isn't what they want to hear." - Aaron Brown Well it's true, but if it's something said by someone you love, you will take it better. Remember you got to do feedback but without hurting  your couple. For example: If he's skiping leg day you can say something like: Hey babe! remember to do your squats, I will like to touch that later.

Well you read it all, keep on the good work and let's get sweaty.

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