NEW FIT COLLECTION by CYSM, It's time to conquer your goals!

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It’s this time of the year that you remember your last year goals. Are you ready to push your limits? we got the perfect sportswear for that! in this blog we will show you our new sportswear collection. We got pants, shorts, capris, tops, blouses and more.

Allow your love of fashion to guide you towards the eye-candy figure you’ve been dreaming of by wearing the COOL TOP whenever you plan on being active! It doesn’t matter if you’re out for a quick jog before work or if you’re doing an intense training session at the gym, this top maximizes your comfort level and offers much needed support for your bust and back, while making sure you look amazing.


We want you to get the most out of your physical activity, that’s why we’ve designed this top to be flexible and offer substantial compression in key areas! These two features will help you use proper form while working out and prevent soreness. All health benefits aside, this designer top will tickle your fashionista senses using its cool colors and chic look!

Are you searching for a reason to change your perspective on health and fitness? All the motivation in the world won’t get you to move a muscle if you don’t fall in love with your look before tackling a lifestyle change. That’s why the LILAC PANTS are designed to incorporate performance-enhancing features and body-shaping effects within a trendy and sensual sport-styled gym-appropriate attire! They will help you to get excited about being active and showing off your natural curves!

CYSM lilac

Using a lightly compressive fabric, the pants prevent love handles and rolls from ruining your look, so what you’re left with are smooth lengthened legs, a flat abdomen, an elevated and rounded butt, and an overall confident attitude of a fashionista that knows she has the right gear for getting awesome figure-flattering results!

Finding it hard to stay committed to a certain workout routine doesn’t always have to do with the lack of ambition. This obstacle can also surface if your gym attire doesn’t satisfy your need of comfort and flexibility, or if it just plain and simple doesn’t make you look hot! The BLUE LIME CAPRI is the ideal remedy for all those issues, because its design creates an enticing and sexy look with minimum effort, regardless of your current size or body type. And behind that eye-candy figure that it creates, it has female-comfort enhancing features which are the true miracle workers!


The compressive design and strategic seams are focused on both supporting the lower back and giving the butt a significant lift! It’s a match made in sexy sportswear heaven!

This are just a few of our best products, go to CYSM.COM and see all the different products and design, i guarantee that you will find the sportswear you’ve looking for.


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