Premium Shapewear Benefits by CYSM

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cysm premium shapewear

The cysm premium shapers includes an extensive variety of body-control garments, each product serving one or more figure-shaping and enhancing purposes. Only the best for you.

Enhancers for your body

Our premium shapewear collection can provide the ideal garment, which will not only high-light one´s best features, but also help contour natural curves.

Bio Theraphy Shapewear

fabrics with intelligent properties and incorporated antive ingredients. innovation and technology for the benefit of health and personal care, with strict quality controls.


Micro algae

it´s active principles return elasticity, beauty, youth and health to the skin. this finish is obtained by the aplication of microcapsules over the cotton mesh that stores the active ingredient that reduces cellulitis and tightens the skin and balance corporal methabolism.

Antibacterial protection

the antibacterial finish in the fabric limits the formation of microorganims, does not irritate the skin and it is completely safe for the enviroment. the treads in the mesh include lycra® fibers that offer superior commodity and comfort in all garment.


Orthopedic and termic support

icysm shapers are recognized as the world´s undeniable premium shapewear products; with this prideful recognition coming from the most prestigious cosmetic clinics and world-renowned cosmetic surgeons.

Micro capsules and special features

spa care: our garments have been developed with textile spa&care® line. before use, rub the garment gently to release microcapsules and let your skin to enjoy the well-being and care that you need safely and without irritate it.

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