The perfect Match: Seamless shapewear + push up jeans

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seamless shapewear push up jeans

The seamless technology allows you maximum control over targeted areas of your body that you want to instantly redefine. By incorporating different compression levels, with ultra-control over problem areas and light control over the buttocks or bust, the myth of bodysuit shapewear garments that have an all-over flattening effect is debunked once and for all! This collection puts you in charge of what areas get flattened and toned, and which receive a voluptuous and sensual lift! And, best of all, the seamless garments rest virtually unnoticeable against the skin, remaining invisible under any type of clothing.

seamless shapewear bodyshaper cysm

and the push up jeans are the secret behind having an awesome time while putting together outfits is having the curvy figure that makes anything fit perfectly.

That’s why we’ve designed the push up jeans to take care of all the well-known problem areas, and leave you with a flawless well-defined silhouette! For firm tummy-control, the jeans have a wide high-rise waistband, which apart from flattening the abdomen also contributes to the butt-lifting effect of the jeans.

cysm push up jeans colombianos

The key factor in giving you a fuller and rounder butt, by just following the natural curves of your body, is the bidirectional stretch fabric. It virtually shaves inches off of your waist, hips and thighs, while adding volume to your best asset! The fabric also prevents the jeans from sagging or losing their shape in the long run, so they’re sure to become instant favorites



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