Africa Blouse
 Working out, whether at home or at a gym, is never a “love at first sight” experience, so get yourself motivated for the challenge by wearing a sport blouse that highlights the best features your figure has to offer! The Supplex fabric that gives the Africa  sport blouse its flexibility, durability, and comfort-enhancing features, is the same reason why your waistline will attain a slim and toned look even before you start working out! The blouse has seams designed to hug your curves, while minimizing your midsection and lifting your bust. It’s hard to find the sweet-spot between flexibility and support, but this blouse gives you the best of both worlds. The compressive features of the fabric will prevent bulges, muffin-tops or love handles from forming, while you have enough freedom of movement to complete your workout with proper form.  Funciones
$42.99 USD
Gray / Gris
Africa Capri
 When it comes to fitness, there are two factors that can make things better or worse; and those are your attitude and your clothing. If you already have a determined mindset, all you need are the Africa  sport Capri pants to make your journey towards your goals comfortable, fun and easy! These Capri pants are designed to support your muscles using their compressive feature. That same feature will flatten your abdomen, enhance your butt and smooth-out your hips and thighs. Additional comfort-enhancing features, such as the female-specific seams design and the fabric’s ability to absorb sweat and cool you off very rapidly, will make working out even less of a hassle. It’s time to enjoy the time spent at the gym!  Funciones
$44.99 USD
Gris / Gray
Africa Pants
 If you you’ve decided to turn regular physical activity into a constant and significant part of your lifestyle, then the Africa Pants will help you fall in love with this awesome health-conscious decision! Our relationship with fitness is not always a case of love at first sight, so use these stunning sport bottoms as motivation to stay on track. They’re the perfect choice for that purpose, because who doesn’t want to look flawless even when they’re just beginning to embrace a more active lifestyle. The pants are made of an ultramodern fabric, named Supplex, which means that you can enjoy optimal flexibility and freedom of movement, whether you’re in a spinning class or doing yoga. They will become an awesome part of your new lifestyle, since they incorporate features such as strategically placed seams which create the female-comfort enhancing anatomic waistline, and light compression for support and control in key areas.  Funciones
$55.99 USD
Gris / Gray
Africa Short
 Stay active and focused on your fitness goals by making the Africa Short part of your wardrobe! These extremely comfy shorts come with zero compromises when it comes to performance and style. We’ve designed them using female-comfort enhancing seam-placement, which means that you can wear them during light jogging sessions, as well as high intensity training, and enjoy the same superior level of flexibility, freedom of movements and comfort. Now that we have the functionality of the shorts covered, let’s talk about the figure-shaping delight that these shorts provoke! They give an instant butt-lift, along with a flattened abdomen and an overall smooth feel from your midsection down to your thighs. The shorts work wonders on both body confidence and visual appeal!  Funciones
$32.99 USD
Gris / Gray
Africa Top
Feeling like you’ve lost that initial vibe of enthusiasm when it comes to health and fitness? We’ve designed the Africa Top  with your body-confidence and motivation needs in mind! Getting fit is more than wanting to achieve a fitness goal. You have to feel and look your best in order to truly make progress! That’s why this designer top takes your needs for elegance and style into account, while satisfying the requirements of a sport-approved top!It’s made of a highly flexible material, named Supplex, which allows the skin to breathe and cool down while keeping you comfortable. And the functionality of this cute top doesn’t stop there! It also elevates and supports your bust during workouts of all intensities. This minimizes discomfort and painful soreness. Give it a chance to change your perspective on physical activity!   Funciones
$30.99 USD


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