Negro / Black
Blusa Beach
 If your love for fitness is not as intense as your passion for fashion, then find a middle ground that’s beneficial both for your body and soul! The BEACH sport blouse is a fashionista’s dream top, and it will surely get you to work out more. Apart from being flexible, supportive and lightly compressive, the top also satisfies your need of vibrant colors and bold designs!This sport blouse will also work with you towards making any fitness-related activity feel more manageable and more comfortable. The fabric allows your skin to breathe and cool off, while the compressive design controls and enhances your bust, minimizes your waistline and eliminates bulges. With freedom of movement provided by the strategically placed seams, you’ll be able to push your limits, and get in shape once and for all!  Funciones
$42.99 USD
Negro / Black
Capri Beach
 For a free spirit, that’s not bound to a gym when it comes to physical activity, the BEACH sport Capri pants are an ideal choice. They are extremely versatile and can be worn comfortably during running, cycling, yoga, or even on a hiking trip! They provide an excellent amount of muscle support, skin breathability, and flexibility. The fact that they look awesome, and that they flatter your figure are just added perks!The high waistband and the lightly compressive design are the main reasons while your legs will appear longer, your abdomen will look flatter and your butt more robust. It’s a mix of both body-shaping visible benefits and fitness performance enhancing effects!  Funciones
$44.99 USD
Azul / Blue
Enterizo Deportivo BEACH /Full Body BEACH Sport Shaper
 The vibrantly colored Full Body BEACH Sport Shaper is designed to make you start your training sessions with confidence and determination! Just seeing the instant butt-lift and bust-enhancement this sport bodysuit creates using a high-rise waistband, strategic seams and a top-control band, will make you want to work harder for the perfect figure! Meanwhile, the compressive design of the shaper will give you superior abdomen-control, with a toning effect on your hips, legs and back!This gorgeous gym-ready outfit’s compression level also guarantees proper back and shoulder support, taking the pressure off of your neck and back thanks to the wide straps and skin-tight fit! The front zip closure makes the bodysuit easy to put on, while also maximizing the shaper’s ability to eliminate imperfections such as muffin tops and love handles. The Full Body BEACH Sport Shaper will show you the figure you’ve been working for in seconds!  Funciones
$45.99 USD $79.99 USD
Black / Negro
Pantalón Beach
Revamp your passion for fitness by allowing the BEACH PANTS to style-up your gym-appropriate outfits! These pants are designed to satisfy your need of comfort, elegance and performance. True progress at the gym comes from being able to maintain a proper form while working out, that’s why these cute sport bottoms have a variety of features that enhance physical activity performance. Being made of an extremely flexible, breathable and light fabric, the pants give you superior freedom of movement in any circumstance. Apart from making sure that your workouts deliver the best results, the pants also work wonders on your current look! Regardless of your size or body type, they use a lightly compressive design and a high-rise waistband to flatten your abdomen, eliminate rolls and unaesthetic bulges, and to perk-up your butt.  Funciones
$55.99 USD
Black / Negro
Top Beach
 If you’re the kind of woman that needs a confidence boost before even considering going to the gym, then the BEACH TOP is the top you’ve been looking for! Its figure-flattering design guarantees that you’ll look and feel ready to get in the best shape of your life, regardless of what your current weight or size is. All you need is that little push to get you started, and this designer top is meant to do just that!With the help of strategically placed seams, which create the enhancement, support and control of your bust while you’re working out, are just one of the ultramodern features of this top. You will also enjoy freedom of movement, high flexibility and a very comfy fit; all of which are necessary for staying active and achieving your fitness goals!  Funciones
$27.99 USD


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