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BARCELONA - Push Up Jean by CYSM
The BARCELONA jeans combine the figure-contouring effects of a Shapewear garment with the extremely sensual look of the perfect pair of skinny jeans! The Push Up technology is the reason why these super-comfortable body-shaping jeans can redefine your abdomen, hips, thighs and legs without ever sagging or losing their shape. You get to enjoy the same jaw-dropping slimming results every time you wear them! All of these benefits allows you to get a soft and smooth look without having to wear a separate body-shaping garment underneath your pair of skinny jeans. With nothing between you and the curvy silhouette you’ve been wanting, you can rock any outfit with full confidence!  Funciones
$69.99 USD
Negro / Black
SEVILLA - Push Up Short by CYSM
 If you’re looking for an alternative to a butt-lift that has close to the same dramatic enhancing effect of the real thing, then the SEVILLA push-up shorts exclusive from CYSM are the natural and instantly-efficient option! Using just strategic seams, bidirectional-stretch fabric and the natural curves of your body, these shorts lift the bottom, making it look fuller, rounder and firmer. Now that’s what we call a figure-flattering makeover worth talking about! With imperfections, such as rolls and muffin-tops, out of the way, you’re left with a curvy and voluptuous lower-body to make any outfit look flawless! The high-rise waistband and the firm-control of the design are the true flaw-erasers. All you have to do is wear them with a smile and get used to the head-turning effect these shorts have!   Funciones
$48.99 USD
Negro / Black
BASILE - Push Up Jean by CYSM
Let elegance and sensuality become your most obvious qualities, by wearing the BASILE jeans as a part of your breathtaking, ideal for first-impressions, outfits! Whether you’re getting ready for an important social event, a special date-night, or if you just want to be on top of your game on any given day or night, this pair of push-up skinny jeans will contour a flawless figure just by following your natural curves!Your abdomen is flattened by the high-rise waistband, while your butt is lifted and your legs are toned, starting with your hips, and down your thighs. The simple and elegant look of the jeans gives you the chance to go from office-appropriate, to dance-floor femme-fatale in seconds, depending on the top you choose!  Funciones
$69.99 USD
Blanco / White
SIDNEY - Push Up Short by CYSM
 The SIDNEY push-up shorts exclusive from CYSM are a must-have piece for your summer outfits! They will make up for all the squats you forgot to do before summer got here by lifting and smoothening your rear. The toning and firm control that the bidirectional-stretch fabric offers begin sculpting your figure from the midsection, down to your thighs. This design turns your lower body into a flawless display of curves and smooth lines! The mix of control and flexibility will guarantee a comfy fit whether you’re shopping, dancing or having a busy day out. The shorts will give you freedom of movement and a lot of reasons to receive compliments throughout the day. The push-up effect is extremely noticeable as soon as you zip-up the shorts, and they use only strategic seams and high-quality fabric to help you achieve this naturally curvy look!  Funciones
$46.99 USD $59.99 USD


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