Camisa / Camisole

Piel / Nude
Negro / Black
1331 -Chaleco Térmico Moldeador / Ultra Compressive Waist Cincher
If you’re tired of trying to target your weight loss to one area, then it’s time for you to discover a new way of getting that flawless smooth look that your midsection deserves! ● The Ultra Compressive Waist Cincher is designed to keep all your problem areas in check! No more love handles or unaesthetic back bulges! ● The internal latex layer of the waist cincher stimulates thermal activity and perspiration in your core, giving your midsection an additional inch-trimming effect! ● Use the cincher as an addition to an active and healthy lifestyle, and the cincher will adjust to your slimmer figure, thanks to the 3-position internal hook closure! ● Versatility and comfort are targeted as well, so you can go strapless and match your now sculpted waist with your favorite bra and panty! Material Compression Uso Recomendado Funciones
$56.99 USD
Fucsia / Fuchsia
Azul Rey / Royal Blue
Morado / Purple
Cuero / Leather
Negro / Black
1334 -Chaleco Térmico Ultra Silueta / Full Control Body Shaper Vest - SALE!
SALE! - Learn how to master the art of highlighting your curves, while your midsection goes from “problem area” to “centerpiece”! The Full Control Body Shaper Vest is an undergarment designed to improve self confidence. ● It’s efficient because it gives you the waistline and abdomen that you’ve been dreaming of! ● The built-in structural rods, the full back coverage, the wide straps and the 3-position hook closure, are the elements of the body shaper vest that lengthen and slim down your torso ● Gives you a well defined waistline, a bust lift and proper back support! ● The flexible fabric allows you to wear the garment every day! And once you’ve seen the flawless figure it gives you, you’ll never want to leave the house without it!  FINAL SALE - No Changes / Refunds on these items Material  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$36.99 USD $59.99 USD
Piel / Nude
Negro / Black
1338 -Chaleco Térmico Ultra Silueta / Ultra Compression Corset
The ultimate support body shaper definitely lives up to its name! It is made to make sure that you feel comfortable and that your body’s best features are highlighted. ● The extra support that this body shaper provides is essential, especially after giving birth. ● It will allow you to have a correct posture, that on its own offers a more slim and toned look for your waist. ● It also gives you excellent bust support, and a thermal effect complimented by a compressive design.  Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$59.99 USD
Piel / Nude
Negro / Black
287 -Camiseta Térmica Ultra Silueta / High-Control Camisole with Back Support
Getting proper back support while you’re working out, or in a postpartum recovery process, is crucial. The High-Control Camisole with Back Support is a comfortable undergarment that you can wear daily! You’ll enjoy its positive effects as soon as you put it on! The cami has full-back coverage and wide straps that combined give you adequate back support, and help you get a correct posture, without putting pressure on your shoulders. The compressive design has aesthetic enhancing effects as well! The high-control design flattens your abdomen and lifts your bust, giving you the perfect figure every time you put it on!  Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$46.99 USD
Piel / Nude
Negro / Black
6012 -Camiseta Térmica Ultra Silueta / Smooth Flexible-Control Camisole - SALE!
SALE! - Say goodbye to muffin-tops and love handles! Choose a comfortable and flexible compressive garment that tightens and smoothes your upper-body all day, every day! ● The Smooth Flexible-Control Camisole will allow you to wear any dress or top and enjoy a long list of body-sculpting benefits! ● The medium compression enhances your waistline, flattens your abdomen, and creates a bust-lifting effect. ● You can of course choose to use your favorite bra and go strapless. ● The cami fits smoothly, and stays put all day thanks to the anti-slip band, hidden beneath the gorgeous lace insert.  FINAL SALE - No Changes / Refunds on these items Material  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$24.99 USD $45.99 USD
Mocca / Mocha
Negro / Black
6014 -Camiseta Ultra Silueta / Thermal Adjustable-Straps Camisole with Back Support - SALE!
SALE! -If you’re looking to get versatility and high-comfort from your everyday undergarment, then the Thermal Adjustable-Straps Camisole with Back Support is ideal for you! ● The camisole has wide adjustable straps that improve your posture, and strengthen your back-support system. ● While the improved posture will instantly make your torso look leaner and longer, the thermal latex layer will stimulate your core, making the camisole perfect for when you work out! ● These two features combined will enhance your waistline. Your bust support can be adjusted using the 3-position shoulder straps. ● Make this camisole your partner in flawless beauty! FINAL SALE - No Changes / Refunds on these items Material  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$24.99 USD $45.99 USD


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