Casual Mom

Casual Mom
Estampado Azul / Printed Blue
JESEY - Push Up Jean by CYSM
IThe all-over body sculpting results of the JESEY jeans are made possible by the Push Up technology, and the unnoticeable internal girdle that does all the lifting and flattening work needed for an instantly curvier silhouette! The high-rise waistband and stretch-resistant design of the fabric will give you amazing butt-lifting results, while flattening the abdomen and toning your legs. The smooth finish this pair of jeans creates will lengthen your legs, making you appear taller and slimmer.The high-quality fabric guarantees that you’ll be able to enjoy the figure-flattering effects of the jeans time and time again, since the fabric doesn’t allow the jeans to sag or lose their ability to apply selective compression. This butt push-up design is perfect for a show-stopping look, regardless of the occasion!  Funciones ]
$69.99 USD
Azul Denim / Blue Denim
PHOENIX - Push Up Jean by CYSM
The PHOENIX jeans are that pair of bottoms that you’ll have a hard time giving up one day, and that’s because they work miracles on every inch of your body that they cover! And thanks to the high-rise waistband, that includes a fantastic abdomen-flattening effect! With the bidirectional-stretch fabric keeping the extra inches around your midsection, hips and thighs in check, you are left with a flawless figure that only highlights the butt-lifting effect of the jeans!This chic and versatile pair of denim bottoms is ultra-flattering; no matter what size or body type you’re rocking! The gravity-resisting design is the secret behind the fullness and roundness of any butt that’s lucky enough to be tucked into these jeans! A passion for racy outfits and a boosted body confidence are guaranteed!  Funciones
$69.99 USD


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