I'm Gonna Get Lucky

I'm Gonna Get Lucky
Azul Deslavado / Blue Washed
RALEIGH - Push Up Jogger Jean by CYSM
The look of the perfect butt starts with a fuller and rounder look of the buttocks that mother-nature blessed you with, so we’ve designed the RALEIGH jeans to help you take advantage of your natural curves and finally fall in love with your body type! This pair of denim bottoms uses bidirectional stretch fabric and a high-rise waistband to tuck-in all the extra inches from the common problem areas, while simultaneously giving your booty a perkier and more defined appearance. The design of the jeans also smoothens your hips and legs, giving you a super soft and sleek look that serves to lengthen and slim-down your entire figure. That’s what we call a one-stop solution for a curvy, yet fit, silhouette! The intense color makes these chic jeans work impeccably with casual or elegant outfits!  Funciones
$69.99 USD
Invisible Spray
3013 - CYSM Antibacterial Jeans Freshener / Aromatizante antibacterial textil
CYSM Antibacterial Jeans Freshener: Is an exclusive and exquisite fragrance. Its aroma and components like the antibacterial are created to give and maintain the sensation of a new washed garment, so with this jeans will lasts longer as new, without having to wash them many times because this is one of the main causes of jeans damage. Make it part of your cleaning routine by spraying it on your CYSM Jeans. The most suitable parts to apply are: waistbands, intimate front and back part of the jean, apply it inside and outside for a better clean sensation.
$19.99 USD
Plantilla Abdominal para un Vientre Plano / Abdominal Pad for a Flat Tummy
 Going through post-surgery or postpartum recovery can make you feel insecure about your tummy area. The Abdominal Pad for a Flat Tummy is used for solving that issue! You can get an instant confidence boost by getting that flat abdomen look that we all work hard for! You just have to place the pad between your tummy and your undergarment of choice, and enjoy the look of a flat abdomen while wearing your favorite outfits! The pad is reusable, so you can easily hand-wash it and use it again and again! 
$9.99 USD
Plantilla Protectora para Zona Intima / Intimate Protection for Jeans
 We all have that one pair of jeans that makes our butt and legs look amazing! Unfortunately those jeans also make us feel uncomfortable because of the very tight fit in the front. You can get rid of that issue by wearing the Intimate Protection for Jeans! This protective piece sits between your panty and jeans, and it’s held in place by a tape that attaches itself to the panty, thus avoiding any slipping. This intimate protection has an anatomical-friendly design, so it adjusts itself to your intimate area. It also has soft edges that prevent irritation. Wear any pair of jeans without having to worry about any intimate area discomfort!
$4.99 USD
Gel Lipomoldeador / Body Perfection Slimming Gel
 Intensify your weight-loss by combining a healthy and active lifestyle with the benefits of using the Body Perfection Slimming Gel! This slimming gel uses the rejuvenating effects of caffeine in order to regulate blood flow in the areas that you apply it on. The caffeine dilates the blood vessels, making it easy for your body to get rid of extra inches. The seaweed extracts help multiply the slimming effects of the gel, by preventing and reducing cellulite. Apply the Body Perfection Slimming Gel on all problem areas twice per day, using a circular motion. Continue massaging the areas until all the gel is absorbed by your skin. Ingrediente Descubre las bondades de las Algas Marinas y la Cafeína para tu piel reunidas en un mismo producto  
$21.99 USD


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