Panty - Tanga / Thong

Piel / Nude
Negro / Black
2106 / 2112 - Body Térmico / Ultra Control High Back Shaper
This is the body shaper that you’ve been looking for! It’s designed to take care of all your major problem areas, while offering you a comfortable wearing experience. Be ready to be in full control of your feminine curves! The Ultra Control High Back Shaper does the trick from your waistline, up to your shoulders. This garment eliminates annoying back bulges caused by the bra, and gives you a lean and smooth look. The high compressive design that has an internal thermal active layer is great for stimulating weight-loss as well. Enjoy the slimming effects of this body shaper every day of the week!  Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$59.99 USD
Piel / Nude
Negro / Black
2108 / 2113 - Body Ultra Silueta / Slimming Body Shaper with Back Support
 There’s nothing worse than a gorgeous outfit being ruined by unaesthetic back bulges or a bad posture. You can solve both those problems by wearing the Slimming Body Shaper with Back Support! And it has solutions for many more common problem areas! The body shaper will also flatten your abdomen, offer you bust support and redefine your waistline. The increased back support is a guaranteed method of correcting your posture, which on its own will have a tremendous positive effect on your overall look! This body shaper also offers you the full list of benefits of using a high compression garment if you’ve undergone surgery recently.  Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$52.99 USD
Piel / Nude
Negro / Black
385 / 398 - Body Térmico Realza Gluteos / Thermal Body Shaper with Wide-Straps
Comfort and proper support are key elements that you need to look for when searching for the perfect postpartum garment, or if you want to find shapewear that’s fit for everyday use. The Thermal Body Shaper with Wide-Straps will offer you the benefit of a comfy fit, while your body gets all the support it needs, and a compressive sculpting effect in your problem areas. The wide straps will take the pressure off of your shoulders, and help the garment offer you back support, while correcting your posture. The thermal effect of the garment will also help you target weight loss to your midsection, so it will do wonders for your waistline! Looking fabulous in any outfit is now under your full control! Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$79.99 USD


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